External Users Added to Custom Groups AND All Users - Permissions Concern

Hello All,

Pretty new to Periscope so please bear with me whilst I find my feet - I'm having an issue with permissions as outlined below: any recommended solutions or workarounds gratefully received...

Attempting to set up process for managing user permissions without the Spaces feature for external users. Would like to retain control of permissions and usage so sharing doesn't feel like the right solution at this time. The concern I have is that when adding these new external users it appears to default to member of custom user group (as defined by myself with specific permissions for a single Dashboard) and All Users.

Custom User Group for external users limits access to the single desired Dashboards, yet since they also appear under the All Users group, they're granted additional unwanted permissions to a number of other Dashboards.

Ideally I wish to exclude these from the All Users Group, or else amend their permissions within this group such that they do not have access to these additional Dashboards.

Hope I've explained clearly enough, any ideas?

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  • Hi Jon!

    It's true that users added to Periscope will be members of the All Users group. It sounds like you're interested in sharing particular dashboards with particular people but still being able to more tightly control that access than is possible with Shared Dashboard Links. 

    In this case, I'd highly recommend you check out our Embed API which is like creating shared dashboards but gives control over things like visible and active filters, refresh rate, and expiration date.

    Periscope Support is here to help you as well! Chat in via the icon at the bottom right of the Periscope app (pictured below) or email us at support@periscopedata.com and we'll be happy to help you set up something that works for your use case!


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    • Ray Harris Thanks Ray, in the short-term we've revised our dash-boarding such that they are not anymore shared with All Users but select Custom Groups so that external users (as All Users by default as well as their own Custom Group) do not have access to these dashboards. I'll look into the Embed API and reach out for assistance as required. Thanks.

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