Better editing workflow – don't close on save

I'd like to be able to save my progress without the chart/snippet/view closing on me. This seems to be a rather easy fix, that would save me a lot of time for a very repetitive task. 

When I work on a chart I often have one or more additional tabs with snippets and views that are used in the chart. If I changed something in an underlying snippet, I save it and check in the chart or view if it works. If I want to continue working on it, I have to reopen the snippet again.

I'm not sure if you have a dedicated place for feature requests and bug reports. The categories and available tags in the community suggest, that this is not the place for posts like this. However, this seems to be a better than chat/mail with the support because others can see what's been reported and how you answered.

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  • Hi Jan!

    Thanks for the feedback! That makes sense. What do you think the best way to implement a feature like that would be? A "commit" option on the move/copy drop down perhaps?

    We don't have a dedicated category for feature requests, but we love to have conversations about product ideas. I would recommend you also drop a note to the Solutions Team. The Solutions Team has had processes in place to work with our product teams for years and it will ensure your request gets properly logged. For example, we like to know the company making the request, log priority, etc... You know, clean data!

    With that said, I will make sure this gets recorded. 

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  • Sean Cook said:
    What do you think the best way to implement a feature like that would be? A "commit" option on the move/copy drop down perhaps?

    This is the most common click I do, so it would be cool if it was not hidden in the dropdown. For my productivity it would be best to have a button for "save + keep editing" and another one with "save and close" out in the open. Since others will have different workflows, I understand that you likely won't change the function or naming of existing buttons.

    If you give me a keyboard shortcut to save without closing + some visual feedback when the action is performed I don't really mind where the button is. :)

    On the visual feedback part: an understated text indicator with "unsaved worked" -> "everything saved" (or equivalent icons) somewhere close to the menu would be all I need. This would also make it less likely that people close their browser tab/window when there's still something unsaved. 

    I dropped the solutions team a line to let them know where the request came from.

    Thank you for your help Sean!

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      • Sean Cook
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      Jan Kölling I like the hotkey idea a lot. Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it along too!

      Half the time I close a tab it's accidental. I've thought about "Are you sure you want to exit popup," but I think I would find it incredibly annoying by the end of day 1. 

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