Webinar: Getting Started with Citizen Data Scientists

Wed Aug 29 2018 at 10 AM PDT

This is the first webinar in our “Citizen Data Science” webinar series, keep an eye out for upcoming webinars focused on making Citizen Data Scientists informed, empowered and successful. 

All companies have data, and a growing number of these organizations are able to generate insights and business value from it. However, with data expected to double in the next two years, the new limiting factor will be the human capital to find meaningful ways to analyze it. Enter citizen data scientists. With the growth of these data-savvy professionals with domain expertise, not only is there another set of eyes looking at the data, but also the data can be aligned with exactly what insight that professional needs to make a business decision. 

This new vantage point can help companies make sense of their data in a more effective way than ever, but only if they take the steps to empower these new analysts. There are a few quick tips and process best-practices that need to be considered before they can dive into making sense of the analytics.

Join Britton Stamper, Sales Engineer for Periscope Data, when he addresses:

Getting started as a citizen data scientist
- How to create an effective data-centric culture
- Identifying your company’s first group of citizen data scientists
- How to empower citizen data scientists to add the biggest impact

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