Embedded dashboard to show only the values in filter that I send in data and the user must have at least 1 selected value in that filter

I am required to show an embedded dashboard to users on basis of their position, so if a user is manager for multiple store managers then he should be able to see the filter on stores and in this filter he must get the values that are URL encoded in the shared dashboard data parameter, also the user should be shown data for all the stores that he is manager of if the user deselects all the stores visible in store filter

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  • Hi Archit! I see you reached out to our support team with a similar question, but posting here as well in case anyone else following along is curious!

    To clarify, are you describing a use case where each manager sees only their stores when accessing the embedded dashboard, and has the option to filter on only their stores?

    If yes, this is definitely possible with embedded dashboards. For this, you would place your embedded dashboard in a portal that takes in the user's login credentials and identifies the store manager who is logged in. This value can then be passed into the store manager filter parameter within your embedded dashboard JSON to ensure that the manager sees his/her data upon logging into the portal with the embedded dashboard. I've linked our documentation with details on the embedded dashboard JSON here for reference.

    Next, you would need to set up a parent-child filter that maps stores to store managers. Here the parent filter will contain store managers, and the child filter will contain the stores. I've linked our documentation on parent-child filters here for reference.

    Going back to your embedded dashboard JSON, ensure that the parent filter is not called in the "visible" filters list, and the child filter is called in the "visible" filters list, so managers can only filter on their stores.

    Let me know if this is what you're looking for and feel free to reach back out on our email thread if any follow up questions here

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  • Let me explain the entire scenario there is a filter for Region whose child filter is Circle whose child filter is City whose child filter is Store, now when I tried embedding the dashboard I had set values in Store filter  and respective values in the parent filters also but when the embedded dashboard opened up I could see the Store filter but the other stores belonging to the same city were also visible and user could change these filters to see other stores data rather than being able to see his own store's data .

    I need that the stores mentioned in the embedded dashboard filter JSON are only available not the other stores of the same City. Right now I have created another filter wherein user inputs the filter value and I am setting filter values there for store which is kind of a work around but I wanted to know if this can be done directly. Attaching screenshot for your reference (periscope-screenshot1 is the one wherein I have store filter but other stores are also visible. periscope2.png is my work around right now)

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      • Neha Kumar
      • Solutions Engineer
      • Neha_Kumar
      • 11 mths ago
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      Archit Garg Thanks for the detail here. It sound like you need another level of parent-child filters to funnel down on specifically those stores in the city belonging to that manager id.

      By way of background, if child filter values have the same parent, we will show all child filter values. They cannot be set up to only show a subset of options tied to a parent filter value. Let's take an example where your parent filter value is "Food" and your child filter is "Flavors." The parent filter value (Food) has value "Ice Cream"... and "Vanilla","Chocolate","Strawberry","Mango" are its child filter values in "Flavors." In my embedded dashboard, if I have "Ice Cream" programmed in as my "Food," I will show all 4 flavors. I cannot say that I only want to see "Strawberry" and "Mango" and not the others, as they belong to the same parent filter value.

      To remedy this in the above example, you can add a filtering level between Food and Flavor saying "Flavor Category." This updates the mapping as such

       Now, since Strawberry and Mango are the only children of their parent Flavor Category, "Fruit Flavor," you can set up your embed to only show those filter values.

      Extending this to your exact use case,  your current set-up has the following parent-child filters

      Region -> Circle -> City -> Store

      To resolve this, you need to add a filter in the parent-child filter hierarchy like so:

      Region -> Circle -> City -> Manager -> Store

      Now, you will encode a value for Manager and ensure this filter is not visible. Since this is now the new parent for the Store filter, you will only see the values that the Manager is allowed to see.

      Hope this helps, and feel free to hop on chat with our support team as well if any follow ups!

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