How Kongregate is Making their Data Pipeline Accessible and Extensible

Thu Jan 31 at 11 AM - 12 PM PST

Building out the infrastructure for a data pipeline takes time, patience, and focus. And even after you have a system in place, new data sources, business goals, product releases, etc. can make it hard to sustain this infrastructure and difficult to spin up new dashboards and charts to visualize and analyze the data. Unless you work at Kongregate.

Join our webinar on January 31st at 11 a.m. PT to hear Tammy Levy, VP of Insights and Analytics, discuss how Kongregate is using analytics to not only provide embedded analytics to developers that use their platform, but take it a step further and are able to easily and efficiently measure KPI’s across their portfolio of games they publish.

In this webinar, Tammy will discuss:
What sort of embedded analytics they share
- How they providing higher quality content to end users
- What game behavior they track to get more insights out of their games
- How they were able to standardize their naming schema to allow them to track KPIs 
- How their setup allows them to replicate dashboards nearly instantly

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