Scatter Plot Limits

What is the limit of number of points a scatter plot can plot/visualize?  

I have a query that returns 77k rows/points I'd like to visualize and want to know if the scatter plot can plot all available rows or if I need to sample the dataset.

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  • Hi Steph Fisher ! To stay in accordance with browser rendering limitations, each Periscope chart can only display 5 MB of data (we're eagerly waiting for the day we can browsers have more powerful rendering capabilities and we can bump up this limit!). To test whether the full output is under 5 MB, uncheck the "Limit Preview" button in Periscope (screenshot below). If results return, you can go ahead and build your scatter plot. If not, then you would need to sample the dataset to show a smaller subset of points.

    Alternatively, you can plot your data using the Python / R Integration. Since Python and R charts are read as static images in Periscope, you'd be able to display more data than the default Periscope chart types.

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