Visualization to target other Visualization

Can a visualization be set up to target other visualizations? For example if I have a table with a list of Advertiser, if I click on a given advertiser line, can it filter what is displayed on another visualization on the same dashboard for product break-down? 

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  • Hey Steph Fisher  

    That sounds like the perfect use case for a drilldown! 

    You would first need to set up a custom filter for your advertisers and add it to the charts you'd like to drill down to. Once that's done, you could set up the drilldown mapping to insert the advertiser field from your source chart to the advertiser filter. In this case, the mapping would point to the same dashboard.

    More details on the setup here!

    After you've set that up, double-clicking on a record in the source chart would pass the value into the advertiser filter. The advertiser filter would then limit the results on your charts! 

    Feel free to follow up with me over the in-app chat if you'd like a hand setting that up. :) 

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  • Thanks Kyle Dempsey - will make sure to look into it

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    • Steph Fisher  how are you liking the drilldown functionality? Feel free to ping us on chat if you ever have questions or comments about implementing them! 🙂

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