Webinar: Blending Art & Science: Using Data to Forecast and Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Thu Aug 23 2018 at 10 AM PDT

***Salesforce SQL data models used for the webinar are in the attached .txt files***

Sales is a scientific art; it takes someone who can translate their experience as a sales manager into an artful set of best practices. The science part requires the application of advanced data models to standard CRM data to understand their pipeline at greater depth. Blending the quantitative expertise of the data team with the experience, intuition and knowledge of the sales leadership ensures companies are able to use that pipeline analysis to correctly predict revenue. More importantly, that process helps sales managers manage and invest in their team and have data-driven conversations that will lead to exceeding revenue goals.

Join Sam Schuster, analytics team lead at Periscope Data, and Ben Loeffler-Little, head of sales at Periscope Data, as they discuss how analytics and sales have partnered to forecast new business revenue and manage pipeline. Together, they have built a tool that models new business revenue and identifies key pipeline trends to ensure sales leadership will hit their goals.

In this webinar, they will discuss:
- Why visualizing sales pipeline matters
- How to bridge the gap between technical tools and non-technical users
- How to model Salesforce data 
- Business impact from using these visualization

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  • What is the structure of the "static" schema tables that are referenced in the daily snapshot? is that some kind of stock data set that can be downloaded?

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