[Webinar] More Than Just a Query: Using R/Python to Get More Out of SQL Outputs

Wed Oct 17 2018 at 11 AM PDT

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Python Code

R Code

See purple text below for details on loading the attached CSV

As companies become more data driven, it’s not enough to deliver the same standard SQL queries. Instead, data teams today are transforming SQL results into models to deliver more value to their businesses. But making that jump is tough, it’s hard to determine where to get started in the complex field of modeling and regression analysis.

The Periscope Data community has been buzzing with requests to demystify Python and R modeling so data professionals can boost their skill set. Get started by creating a linear regression model with Neha Kumar, a customer solutions engineer at Periscope Data, and start bringing new analytics value to your business immediately. 

Join Neha on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 at 11 a.m. PDT as she walks through:
- What a linear regression is and when to use it
- Setting up the framework for a linear regression
- Step-by-step creation of a linear regression model in Python and R
- Contextualizing a model for other business teams

Attached is the raw data file used for the step-by-step examples in the Webinar.

[Optional] If you wish to follow along on your own screen, you can either:

  1. For Periscope users who have both the Cache integration and the Python/R integrationupload the CSV into Periscope
  2. For everyone else: install Jupyter Notebooks / RStudio / any Python or R environment, and load the CSV into their coding environment
  3. Attendees are also welcome to simply listen in and ask questions without coding side by side with the presenter. Note the code used in the examples will still be available after the webinar!
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