Alternatives to Word Clouds for Word Spotting

Hi all,

Wondering what others have done as far as display goes for word spotting.  We previously used a word cloud in Tableau, and since I think it's easy to miss important information with those, and they aren't an option in Periscope right now, looking for some suggestions for alternative displays.  


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  • It depends on what type of is what I do for NPS data.

    In short, I like to break down the comments into their individual words, then sort those words by the NPS survey result. This lets me look at what words are popular for high and low scores so we can tackle topics causing low scores. Skip to the last chart for the point of all the work. :)

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    • Sean Cook thanks! the request is for our  NPS data as well, and to have it broken out by promoters and detractors, just as you suggest

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      • Sean Cook
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      • 1 yr ago
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      Jessica Tepper Awesome, glad I could help!

      I recommend segmenting detractors into two bucks....0 - 3 and 4-6 perhaps. The bucket is a little too broad for analytics, and the low scores in my experience have very different behaviors than the mid scores. At a prior company, I saw the really low scores churn 3x as fast as the 5's and 6's. They also have a different set of complaints — for instance a lot of the 5's and 6's might complain about the price, but 0's and 1's might talk about broken or missing features.

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