Chart Type - Funnel Chart

The funnel chart can be created as a variation of the bar chart. Here is an easy SQL Snippet to take your table, the values, and the series of steps. It will calculate the left and right padding for all values less than the maximum, creating the funnel effect.

Here is a list of all the settings that were changed from default to achieve the above chart:

- Toggle horizontal bar chart to create the top to bottom funnel effect

- For best results, we recommend a series name with appropriate alphanumeric ordering and using the Preserve Sort Order toggle in Legend Settings.

- In order to make the series colors blend into the background, you can use the the hexcode #f9f9f9.

Snippet Name: funnel_chart(table,values,series)

 , 1.0 *  (max - [values]) / 2 as left_buffer
 , [values] as value
 , 1.0 * (max - [values]) / 2 as right_buffer
     max([values]) as max
 , [table]
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  • Very useful. Have been looking for a solution like this for some time. Thanks!

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  • I've done this as a line chart going from sequence 1 of a funnel onward on the X-axis using a CSV to define what steps exist for Sequence 1, 2, 3, etc.  Like in this screenshot, I have a CSV uploaded that references for this client that jobview = 1 in the sequence field, apply = 2, attach = 3, etc.  I think it shows a nice visual.

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  • Brien, I've seen that as well and I personally prefer it as the horizontal centering causes a magnitude comparison flaw in terms of actual analysis. My more functional form involves using bars to show distinct steps and a line or scatter to show the conversion rate on a Y2 Axis. The action that a person would ideally take would be to increase conversion rate, so I feel like adding it as a layer of information provides a huge call to action value. Here are two examples based on the same dummy data from the original post:

    With Line:

     With Scatter:


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