How to get drilldown to only add an additional filter while keeping all other filters applied?


I have a stacked bar chart that shows volume over time broken out by city (call it Chart A).  Within each city volume can be categorized 3 different ways. It's too busy to show all cities broken out all 3 ways on the same stacked bar chart. Therefore I want to use a drilldown (all charts on the same dashboard). 

Chart B shows all volume broken out by the 3 different categories.

  1. User filters Chart A with 2-3 filters:  date range, and two others (what they are is not important).
  2. User wants to drilldown to see the 3 categories of volume within one city.
  3. User double clicks a city on Chart A. This then filters Chart B to only show that city. However, it also removes all the filters that the user chose in step 1. I want these filters to stay applied when the user drills down on Chart A. How can I do this?

Please let me know if any clarity is needed! Thank you!

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  • Hi Jonathan Edwards ! Great question, for a case like this you would need to pass in your filters as columns in your chart. That way, you can map them to the drilldown fields. 

    That will look like this:

    select <your columns>, '[Filter_1]' as filter_1

    from table...

    Now, you have access to filter_1 in your SQL output and can map that in your drilldown. Feel free to chat in the support team via the chat icon at the bottom left of your screen if any further questions!

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      • Marco Polo
      • Marco_Polo
      • 6 mths ago
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      Neha Kumar While this solution works for a filter with single value, it fails to apply when multiple values are selected for the same filter and passed on to drill-down. The drill-down sees the comma separated values for the filter but doesn't apply.

      Is there a solution to this issue?

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