Best way to add prior time comparison on Number Overlay?

Is there a way to add a prior time comparison on the Number Overlay chart type?

For example:

15.6k Trial Sign-ups

[Directional arrow up] 14.3k in Prior Quarter

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  • This is one thing I want Periscope to do more of natively (all the chart types!) It's something I included on a shared dashboard I've been passing around internally that features backing into alternative chart types. For your specific question, you can concatenate all of that information and add another line by using \n. For example, in the chart of the below shared dashboard, the SQL uses:

      'Revenue \n' ||
      '$' || (select count from with_arrow where week = '20170109') || 'M \n ' ||
      (select change from with_arrow where week = '20170109')

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    • Britton Stamper Thank you! I'll use this. Agree that more native integration on this would be awesome.

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    • Britton Stamper Hi there, new line formatting '\n' does not appear to work - are there any alternative solutions?

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    • Alasdair Hughes One alternative is to do a return in the string and it will be able to be read by different query engines. The above works for Redshift, I believe the below works for a wide variety of others:


      My guess is you could even combine this with concatenation. 🙂

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    • Britton Stamper Using Vertica, it's: E'New\nLine' (needed the E infront) 👍

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  • +1 on this feature request!

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  • Check out this community post! This seems to get at the secondary reference requested on this thread :) 

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