[Solution] Average Salary for a Manager's Direct Reports

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 , [avg(employees.salary):$] as avg_report_salary
 employee_data employees
 join employee_data managers on
   employees.manager_id = managers.employee_id
group by

Concepts Covered: Self Joins


Now we can easily write a query where we aggregate the average salary by manager_id, but that doesn’t give us the names of the managers. For the output to be more reader friendly, we need to implement a self join.

In the process of a self join, we create 2 copies of this table. One is named employees, and the other is named managers. We join the managers copy on the criteria that the manager_id in the employees table matches the employee_id of the managers table. In other words, we are joining the manager information using the manager_id field in the original table.

For formatting the currencies, we used a handy Periscope shortcut, but this isn't required for the calculation.

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