Dashboards you're proud to have built?

Hey all, 

I thought it would be interesting to share dashboards/reports that you're proud of(if we can -- don't share information that is too sensitive, of course) . 

After some ideas on how to potentially visually improve some of our in-house dashboards. Colour schemes, layouts, etc. 

The periscope team themselves may have some great examples. 

I'll post some on my end as I come across them. 

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  • Ok, I like dashboards!

    This one isn't exactly beautiful, but I enjoyed pulling the data. This is based on a Python script I wrote that sues the Reddit API to grab comments from reddit about crypto currencies! It looks for both the coin name and the coin symbol, so it catches a lot of extra mentions, e.g. there is a coin called Allcoin, and the symbol is ALL — quite a few false positives there!

    I am planning to write some sort of blog post around crypto and am certainly looking for ideas, or simply ideas on what do do with this data!

    Final note: Reddit does not allow unlimited scraping, so this dataset is incomplete! As of this week I have begun scraping new posts. but the historical data is a bit more spotty. The recent spike is because that is when I ran the query, not because that spike is real. Moving forward, I am parsing all new posts. 


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