[Halloween Data Visualization Competition] Submission Details

Note - In order to prevent any unfair advantage to participants who submit entries later in the competition, submissions will be "In Review" (therefore, will not public facing) until after the end of the competition. In the first week of November, submission posts will be made public.

Submission Requirements:

  1. Ensure your post title starts with [Halloween Data Visualization Competition]
    1. This ensures your submission will be sent to our judging team. 
  2. Add an image of your visualization using the icons above.
  3. Briefly describe your thought process 
  4. Add a code snippet (see instructions below)
  5. Apply the relevant tag using the "Add tags" option at the bottom of the editor.
    1. If your visualization uses Python, use the "Python" tag
    2. If your visualization uses R, use the "R" tag
    3. If neither Python or R were used for your visualization, use the "SQL" tag
Be sure to include a code block used to generate your analysis.
This can be created by clicking on the {;} icon in the above toolbar
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