Getting Around Overlapping Data Labels With Python

A common hazard when adding data labels to a chart, is that often times the data labels will overlap when there are two points located relatively close to one another. Fortunately, the flexibility of python allows us a way around overlapping data labels. 

Here is my original chart as a Periscope scatter plot with data labels applied,

We can see the the data labels overlap in some areas making it hard to read and visually unappealing. 

Instead we can create a Python chart and write a custom function that checks the location of the data-labels and adjusts any that overlap. 

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import pandas as pd

# source:

def get_text_positions(x_data, y_data, txt_width, txt_height):
    a = zip(y_data, x_data)
    text_positions = y_data.copy()
    for index, (y, x) in enumerate(a):
        local_text_positions = [i for i in a if i[0] > (y - txt_height)
                            and (abs(i[1] - x) < txt_width * 2) and i != (y,x)]
        if local_text_positions:
            sorted_ltp = sorted(local_text_positions)
            if abs(sorted_ltp[0][0] - y) < txt_height: #True == collision
                differ = np.diff(sorted_ltp, axis=0)
                a[index] = (sorted_ltp[-1][0] + txt_height, a[index][1])
                text_positions[index] = sorted_ltp[-1][0] + txt_height
                for k, (j, m) in enumerate(differ):
                    #j is the vertical distance between words
                    if j > txt_height * 1.5: #if True then room to fit a word in
                        a[index] = (sorted_ltp[k][0] + txt_height, a[index][1])
                        text_positions[index] = sorted_ltp[k][0] + txt_height
    return text_positions

def text_plotter(x_data, y_data, text_positions, axis,txt_width,txt_height):
    for x,y,t in zip(x_data, y_data, text_positions):
        axis.text(x - .03, 1.02*t, '%d'%int(y),rotation=0, color='blue', fontsize=13)
        if y != t:
            axis.arrow(x, t+20,0,y-t, color='blue',alpha=0.2, width=txt_width*0.0,
                       head_width=.02, head_length=txt_height*0.5,

x_data = df['avg']
y_data = df['count']

fig = plt.figure(figsize=(15,8))
ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
ax.scatter(x_data, y_data, alpha = 0.4)
txt_height = 0.04*(plt.ylim()[1] - plt.ylim()[0])
txt_width = 0.02*(plt.xlim()[1] - plt.xlim()[0])
text_positions = get_text_positions(x_data, y_data, txt_width, txt_height)
text_plotter(x_data, y_data, text_positions, ax, txt_width, txt_height)



Here is our new python scatter plot:


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